Terms & Conditions

Our standard Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions apply for all orders. Additional terms, listed below, also apply.


Refund policy

All company registration sales are final.


LLC dissolution package

Because most banks and payment processing companies require that the account holder submit an account closure request directly, you will need to handle this part of the process by yourself. Following the dissolution process, your company will be dissolved administratively by the state and your account at the IRS will be closed. Provided that you followed proper operating procedures during and after your time in business, your liability protection will extend after the dissolution.



While we are responsible for the registration of your company, we may not be held responsible, in any circumstances, for the way the company is used and for any of its ongoing liabilities. We may also not be held liable for any penalties or fines imposed on your company by government bodies and regulatory organisations.


Insiders Club Slack channel

We reserve the right to limit your access at any time, at our discretion, if we deem it in the best interest of the community. Commercially motivated posting and spamming are strictly forbidden.