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Freedom Surfer’s business registration service is the most efficient way to start and run your online business, built entirely with location independence and convenience in mind. Everything is done remotely, in plain English and requires very little of your time. We also take care of ongoing compliance, including tax filings, and always go the extra mile to ensure that you are paying as little taxes as legally possible.

Choosing the right structure

Choosing the right structure for your business, and where to register it, is absolutely crucial. Factors you should consider include registration and maintenance costs, convenience and ease of use, taxation and compliance, liability protection, the availability and quality of the banking and payment processing services, the procedure to bring in new partners and investors, the requirements for selling or closing the business. You should also take into consideration how your choice will affect your ability to access key markets and how it will be perceived by your customers.

Below is a table comparing the best options currently available to online entrepreneurs. We have in-depth resources for each of those options in our countries hub.

United States & United Kingdom

From all the options listed above, only two tick all the boxes. We offer a choice of three different business structures in those two jurisdictions, the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Limited Company (LTD) in the United Kingdom and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States (Wyoming). These three business structures cover the needs of nearly every type of businesses imaginable, from growth-oriented startups to lifestyle businesses to consultants to e-commerce and the list goes on. You can read the detailed analysis for each of the three structures to find which would be the best fit for your business.

Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis
US LLC (Wyoming)

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Our registration package includes all government fees, a local business address (including the processing of an unlimited amount of official mail), full compliance for the first year (including the filing of secondary forms such as 5472, when applicable), pro-active support and a membership to the Insiders Club. The total cost is 297 EUR for the first year and 247 EUR for each additional year (if you choose to renew after the first year). We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal and SEPA. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours during business days.


UK LLP – Maintenance and taxation
As long as there is no UK resident partner and / or UK permanent establishment (office, factory etc), no transactions have to be reported nor any taxes paid in the UK. An empty partnership return is filed, along with an HS380 declaration. Annual accounts and a confirmation statement must be filed with Companies House. Each partner must also register their name and address with HMRC via form SA401 (natural persons) and SA402 (legal entities).


UK LTD – Maintenance and taxation
Unless a residency transfer is requested via a treaty tie-breaker, a corporation tax return must be filed in the UK every year along with company accounts and a confirmation statement. Profits will usually be taxed at the main rate, currently 19% as of 2019. Company books must be kept in order but this can easily be automated if all transactions are electronic in nature (no physical cash).


US LLC (Wyoming) – Maintenance and taxation
As long as no work is physically performed in the US (by members or regular employees), no tax liability is created in the US and no return has to be filed (having US clients does not create a US tax liability either). Transactions between the LLC and its foreign related parties (members and beneficial owners) must be reported every year via information return 5472. An annual report must also be filed with the state government. In most cases, there is no need to register for sales tax.