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The Insiders Club is a community for those with an interest in internationalisation and location independence. It is composed of hundreds of members representing all of the world’s regions and is the most active community of its kind on the internet. By joining, you gain instant access to all the features below.
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Members have access to our member-only content. This content expands on the information shared in our articles via in-depth analysis, case scenarios and first hand knowledge. Information and insights shared by other members are also available.

Members also have access to our flagship course, Zero Tax Nomad. It covers everything you need to know in order to acquire a new citizenship, a new residency, personal taxation, business registration and the implementation of an assets protection strategy.

Best of all, members have access to our library of powerful hacks. Examples include how to open bank accounts remotely, how to live in Hilton hotels for less than 20 USD per night, how to bypass passive income requirements and more.

Our Slack group allows members to connect and share with each other. The quality of the membership is amazing and the channel is the most active of any tax-related groups online. Members can also engage in private discussions and call each other via the app.

One of the Insiders Club’s greatest assets is its membership. We have several experts, ready to share their knowledge with you, including renowned tax lawyers, marketing experts, bankers, investors, scientists, developers and more.

Not only is knowledge shared freely between our members but so are opportunities. These range from the best stocks picks to those obscure land buys in Central Asia to the most promising startups to get involved with.

Joining the Insiders Club also gives you access to Simon Vaillancourt, the guy behind Freedom Surfer. Simon is not only a leading expert on international taxation and business but also nearly everything related to the location independent lifestyle, being one of its pioneers. His experience, knowledge and contact network will prove a valuable resource for you to use whether it is to tax optimise, acquire a new residency, open bank accounts, register new companies, protect your assets, vet investment opportunties and more.

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