About Freedom Surfer

Freedom Surfer is a site focused on providing resources and services to location independent individuals. It features blog posts, country-specific articles, guides and courses. It is also home to the Insiders Club, a successful community with a diverse membership and active Slack channel.

Who is behind Freedom Surfer though? What is the story? To answer those questions, I first have to introduce myself and tell you my own story.

My name is Simon and I am a location independent entrepreneur. I have been travelling the world non-stop since 2012, running my businesses remotely. My life was not always like this, however, and if you go back a decade I would have never been able to imagine where I would be now. I was trading forex for a living and studying journalism and business at Concordia University in Montreal. I planned to get an office job, maybe move as far as Toronto, get a house and do all the stuff normal people do. Thankfully, I heard about perpetual travel on a radio show a few months before finishing school and well, the rest is history.

As for the site itself, Freedom Surfer started as a personal blog a couple of years back. I used it mainly to talk about my travels. Occasionally, I would also post articles about business, taxation and banking. Over time, the site evolved and became increasingly focused on those three topics. I eventually took it to the next level and created a private club where I can share juicier stuff and meet like-minded individuals. The Insiders Club was born.

Since then, the site has continued growing and so has the Insiders Club. I have created an in-depth course, published a large number of articles, built valuable new resources, started a business registration service and you know what? I am just getting started. I have great plans for Freedom Surfer and strongly believe that location independence and what I advocate for is important. I hope you will enjoy my site and if you have questions or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out.