About Freedom Surfer

Freedom Surfer is one of the internet’s most popular sites for digital nomads, perpetual travelers and location independent entrepreneurs. It is chuck-full of actionable information, useful courses and resources. It is also home to the Insiders Club, a successful community with a vast collective expertise and frequent meetups in multiple locations around the world.

Who is behind Freedom Surfer though? What is the story? To answer those questions, I first have to introduce myself and tell you my own story.

My name is Simon and I am a location independent entrepreneur. I have been traveling the world non-stop for many years, running my businesses remotely. My life was not always like this though, in fact, if you go back a few years I would have never been able to imagine where I am now. I was trading forex for a living while studying journalism at Concordia University in Montreal. I planned to get an office job, maybe move as far as Toronto, get a house and do all the stuff normal people do. Then I discovered that I could work AND travel at the same time. The light-bulb was on, so to speak. Needless to say, as soon as I graduated I left Canada on a one way ticket and well, the rest is history.

As for the site itself, Freedom Surfer started as a personal blog a couple of years back. I used it mainly to talk about my travels. Occasionally, I also posted articles about business, taxation and banking. Over time, the site evolved and became increasingly focused on those three topics. So much so that I eventually took it to the next level and created a private club where nomads and entrepreneurs with an interest in business and tax optimization could share ideas and network. Because of the private nature of the club, I could also finally publish the juicy stuff that was too sensitive for the public site. The Insiders Club was born.

Since then, the site has continued growing and so has the club. I have created multiple courses, published a large number of articles, built valuable new resources and you know what? I am just getting started. I have great plans for Freedom Surfer, really believe that location independence and what I advocate for is important. If you have questions and want to get in touch with me, either use the contact page or better yet, join the Insiders Club.